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        Jingjiang Electric Spindle Service Center is located to the north side of the Yangze Bridge,Jiangsu province. Jingjiang city is well-known as the homeland of electrical machine, and has advantageous geographical location. Our staff includes extensively trained and experienced engineers and technicians, which involve designing, production, sales and maintenance.

        Our line is selling all kinds of high speed spindles made in china.
        Such as: constant power, automatic lathes, and the permanent machining center high-frequency spindle which are used for digital controlled milling & drilling equipment, precision carving, carving & milling, woodworking machinery, precision grinding machines, machining centers, eyes processing equipment, watches and clocks equipment, lock-making equipment and other digital controlled high-speed machinery. The products cover 29 provinces and cities domestically and find a good sale in Korea, Austria, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, etc.
        1¡¢It is of good performance to start, strong torque, and high efficient and low-speed strong torque.
        2¡¢The electrical machinery adopts ultra precision, steel ball, ceramic ball b earing that Japan, Germany, France produced, so the precision is high and have a long performance life.
        3¡¢Adjustable rotational speed, low noise, small vibration, stable operating.
        4¡¢Automatic Spindle replaces bits, Milling cutter convenient, quick, and accurate position.
        5¡¢Frequency Power adjusts the speed steadily with reliable quality.

        At the same time, we take on the spindle maintenance, including import spindle. Spindle Repair includes: engineering, custom modifications, parts repair and manufacture, balancing and vibrations analysis of complete assembly, and balancing of spindle components.

        Look forward to your inquiry!

        Service Phone: 0086-1380526-1828
        Sales Manager: Mr. Zhou
        Website: http://www.dianzhuzhou.cn/en/
        Email(MSN): hspindle@163.com


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